Euromonitor: Top 5 consumer trends impacting health and nutrition

The landscape of consumer health and nutrition is rapidly shifting. With the growing shift towards a more holistic approach to healthcare, brands and companies need to ensure that they are looking at their products and services with the same view. These are the top five consumer trends impacting health and nutrition globally.

Growing focus on mental well-being

Consumers are making active changes in daily behaviours with the aim to lead more balanced lifestyles and maintain mental health.

Mental well-being can encompass several areas whether it is feeling relaxed, calm, confident or self-assured, but most importantly consumers are looking to spend time on themselves.

There has been a rise in global consumers taking yoga, participating in meditation, demanding flexible working hours to maintain a good work-life balance, spending time on hobbies, friends and family, as well as placing more importance on sleep.

The rise of stress and anxiety

The rise of social media, fast and on-the-go lifestyles alongside fluctuating political and environmental landscapes have great influenced and increased the amount of stress and anxiety consumers feel daily.

Though many consumers are focused on work-life balance and the importance of mental well-being continues to grow, stress and anxiety remain an issue for a large part of the population.

Seeking a balanced diet

Consumers seem to be seeking more traditional ways of eating. Many of them are focused on eating a balanced meal, seeking a diet that emphasises low sugar, low carbohydrates, low calories and high protein.

These consumers want a variety of options, often seeking to include raw foods, dairy-free or vegan products in their diets. Consumers’ focus on consuming a balanced diet is not solely for personal health. Many consumers are making changes to support wider issues. Environmental, animal welfare and community engagement are some of the main reasons for seeking features such as locally sourced, organic and fair trade.

Maintaining fitness through nutrition

Exercising is not only considered an important method of preventative healthcare, but for many consumers it is a significant part of their image.

Consumers who live an active lifestyle often seek sports nutrition products to enhance their exercise habits. Electrolyte or hydration drinks and protein or energy bars are the most widely consumed products around the world.

Consumers want to give their bodies and fitness regimes additional support, but they do not want to make any sacrifices or trade-offs in their overall lifestyle.

Prevention rather than treatment

The overall movement towards living a balanced lifestyle and focusing on healthcare with a holistic view is rooted in the idea that making these changes can prevent illnesses and ailments in the future.

Consumers are looking to make sacrifices and take additional measures within exercise, mental well-being and diet now, rather than seeking treatment for issues at a later stage. They look for a compromise, seeking convenient methods of getting nutrients and vitamins through supplements to focus on health and wellness rather than treatment.

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