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Golden returns for Polyoak’s beautiful in-mould labelling

Polyoak’s specialist injection-moulding division, Dairypack Tubs has added three new Gold Pack medals to its stable, awarded in recognition of its proven in in-mould labelling (IML) expert capabilities.

Since 2013, Dairypack Tubs has won an award every competition year for its IML packaging.

Karl Lambrecht, Dairypack Tubs chief executive says, “We are proud of the team and have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to mastering IML. Our investment in world class machinery and ongoing sharpening of our skills has given us the edge.”

This year Dairypack Tubs achieved two gold medals for its innovative partnerships with Lancewood on its new Spread Delight! Tub and with Star Gate Innovations on its breakthrough innovation convenience coffee drink, Ella Cappuccino.

Lambrecht adds, “Ultimately, success is determined by whether we deliver what the customer requires. These sorts of projects don’t happen overnight. They require authentic partnerships as a basis for collaboration and exploration of what’s possible. It’s great to be delivering packaging ‘firsts’ for South Africa, that are homegrown, developed and manufactured locally”.

Morne Muller from Lancewood receives a gold medal for Lancewood’s Spread Delight! tub developed with Dairypack Tubs team Karl Lambrecht, Barry Sharp and Dennis Stewart (L-R).

LANCEWOOD Spread Delight! Tub

The LANCEWOOD Spread Delight! 200g tub is South Africa’s first tub with IML successfully applied to concave sides and across the lid’s dropdown tab, which assists with opening.

Advanced injection-moulding enables true thin-walled sections, to create a lightweight, uniquely-shaped pack which does not panel when hot-filled at 80°C.

The innovative design and skilled technical execution of this tub delivers numerous consumer benefits as the shape is comfortable to hold and presentable enough for the table display.

The dropdown tab makes the tamper-evident lid easy to open, and its composition of 100% polypropylene makes it fully recyclable.

Brand owners and retailers love the unique shape with decoration on all sides for maximum shelf impact. It’s also lightweight and easy to stack for efficient merchandising.

Technically, its advanced automation and accurate label placement enables high speed manufacturing of this hot-fill tub.

Ella Cappuccino

Another first for South Africa is Dairypack Tubs’ plastic IML barrier tub suitable for retort at 118°C without distorting. This extends shelf life of the preservative-free, ambient espresso contents for up to six months.

Inside the tub is a unique foaming device, shaped as an ambigram of the Ella logo. This device was specially designed for easy insertion, maximum froth creation when shaken, and complete emptying when pouring out.

This breakthrough innovation targets consumers seeking premium quality cappuccino at a more accessible price point than from an artisanal coffee house.

Ella Cappuccino is an ambient product with long shelf life, free of artificial additives or preservatives – achieved through retort processing and plastic barrier technology.

It is easy to store and transport making it super convenient, as it can be enjoyed anywhere, any time. Simply shake for 20 seconds, before removing the lid and seal, and pouring into a cup with 150ml boiling hot water.

Ella Cappuccino is an ideal pack for the hospitality and airline industries, who have traditionally had to rely on cumbersome coffee machines to produce the same quality coffee. The frothing and pouring still works effectively at an altitude of 8,500 feet!

Best of all, it is manufactured from a special grade of polypropylene which is suitable for retort application, but it is still fully recyclable. The pack also won a silver medal for best overall rigid plastic pack.

Karl Lambrecht (Dairypack Tubs) with Neil Hellman of Star Gate Innovations.

Neil Hellmann of Ella concludes, “Ella is refreshingly original. There is nothing quite like it on the market. Due to Polyoak’s expertise and innovative packaging design we can now deliver a cappuccino of the highest quality, made with liquid espresso and low-fat milk.

“This formidable combination of delicious taste and clever packaging allows you to enjoy a cappuccino on the go, wherever, whenever, and without compromising on favour.”


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