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Countdown to fdt Africa 2018

The third edition of food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) takes place from September 4 to 6, 2018. This is arguably the most important expo for the Southern African F&B market covering the entire process chain – from raw materials to processing, bottling, packaging and logistics.

With growing interest and participation, this biennial show, organised by the local arm of Germany’s famed Messe München, has been extended to run over three days. Coupled with an additional day, fdt Africa will move to a larger hall — Hall 5 — at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

“Whether visitors are interested in water conservation and energy efficiency, new raw materials or forward-looking developments in processing, bottling and packaging: food & drink technology Africa is the event to attend,” says Dain Richardson, senior exhibition manager.

New on the show:

  • Symposia with Bosch Packaging, Bühler and KHS Manufacturing and Pentair

These symposia, on day two, with such industry leaders will offer participants insights into the trends, challenges and opportunities in the areas of water management, packaging and process technology.

The symposium with Pentair will take place during the morning, where company experts will present sustainable solutions for water and energy management.

The afternoon will be jointly organised by Bosch Packaging, Bühler and KHS Manufacturing. Their program will be divided into two thematic blocks: Liquid Food Processing and Packaging as well as Dry Food Processing and Packaging.

Among the topics will be questions like: What new solutions are there for the packaging of food and beverages? How can the shelf life of products be extended? How can costs be reduced and production be made energy-efficient?

  • Speakers Corner

On the first and third day of the exhibition, there will be multiple presentations and lectures by companies and associations including Brewsters Craft, Centec, Pall, the SA Association of Fragrances and Flavour Industry (SAAFFI), Sphere Foods Africa, the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association and many others.

The presented topics will be diverse and cover a wide range of areas within the industry.

For instance, Sharon Bolel of SAAFFI will introduce the current trends on flavourings and ingredients, and she’ll illustrate how natural ingredients, new aromatic additives and regulatory issues are going to influence the industry in Africa.

The African Tasting Experience by The Brewster is an interactive session, where founder, Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, will present six types of beer brewed with unique African ingredients. Besides tasting, the main focus is on how these ingredients are correctly used within the brewing process and what potential such special beers can offer on the global market.

On the subject of energy efficiency and resource conservation, Vera Fritsche from VDMA will present technologies that help to save water and energy in beverage production, food processing and packaging.

Further topics of the Speakers Corner include consumption patterns for soft drinks in the sub-Saharan region, quality management systems for food safety and degassers for feed water.

Doemens, the educational institute for the brewing, beverage and food industry, is supporting fdt with the organization of the Speakers Corner.

  • Presentation of the African Beer Awards for the first time during the expo

A collaboration with the IBD (Institute of Brewing & Distilling) Africa Sector, the evening of the 5 September, 2018 will see the award ceremony of the IBD African Beer Awards.

The judging of this event will be taking place on the 4-5 September, 2018, during fdt Africa.

With five  leading categories and a Grand Champion, this is an event not to be missed.

For information and registration, visit

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