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What is food disruption and why is it important?

Food security, climate change, and energy deployment are among the many issues we face today. These challenges demand innovative solutions and a transdisciplinary approach to collaborative problem-solving. IFT, the Institute of Food Technologists, presents the first in a series of podcasts on this fascinating topic…

Issues in food like preservation, nutrition, and disease prevention are becoming even more prevalent. To meet these challenges head-on, we must replace conventional strategies with provocative ideas and disruptive innovations.

In this first episode of “Food Disruptors”, Dr Joshua Peschel and Prof John Coupland discuss disruptive moments in the science of food, what form future food disruption may take, and why investing in science of food entrepreneurship is vital to the future of food sustainability.


Matt Teegarden, MS, IFT Student Association Past President 2016-2017, PhD Candidate, The Ohio State University


Expert Guest:

John Coupland, PhD, CFS, IFT Past President 2016-2017, Professor of Food Science and Chair of the Ingredients as Materials Impact Group, Penn State University


Expert Guest:

Joshua Peschel, PhD, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and Black & Veatch Faculty Fellow, Iowa State University


You can listen to the podcast here…click the graphic!

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