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Winning confectionery NPD at ISM 2017

ISM Newcomer LVegan, interactivity and premiumisation of confectionery led the trends at ISM 2017 expo in Cologne, where the global sweets and snacks industry comes together every year. Here’s a look at some winning and eye/trend-catching products seen at the show…

ISM’s New Product Showcase, above, is a crowd-puller at the expo, with several hundred trade visitors taking part in voting for the top innovations this year.

ISM New Product Showcase – The 2017 winners

Bad Luck Cookies21. Misfortune or Bad Luck Cookies by Pechkeks, Germany

The “Bad Luck Cookie” by the Hamburg-based company, Pechkeks, is a witty, dark counterpart to the fortune cookie, ie it doesn’t offer comfort nor does it predict strokes of good fortune.

Instead, its messages are “blunt, honest and direct”. The pitch-black cookie is designed for people, who don’t take themselves too seriously and who can take a joke.

Says its website: “Dark cookies, dark humour: ideal for Lucky Lukes and Bad-Luck Brians, superwomen and high-flyers, crybabies and wussy wimps, iron ladies and tough guys. As merciless as misfortune cookies may be, they are lovingly made down to the last detail.”

This went down very well with the visitors of ISM who voted the “Bad Luck Cookie” into first place.

2. Organic Veggie Box by my ChipsBox, Germany

In the visitors’ opinion, second place went to the company my ChipsBox from Munich. The “Organic Veggie Box” contains a combination between three crispy natural, air-dried vegetable crisps – packed inside an elegant and compact box.

The products are organic, vegan and gluten-free and furthermore not fried.

ISM Chox3. Pralibel Dômes by Pralibel, Belguim

Third place went to a Belgian company for a fine mixture of filled chocolates in a round, elegantly designed box: “Pralibel Dômes”. The chocolatier has also been impressive at ISM, winning top honours at the 2011 show.

The ISM Packaging Award: Barbecue Marshmallow Grill Bag by tri d’Aix, Germany

ISM MarshmallowEmulating the traditional BBQ charcoal bag. A window in the packaging reveals a view of the contents: delicious marshmallows, as well as skewers sticks for grilling.

The award was conferred for the first time this year.
In total, 220 products were presented in the New Product Showcase at ISM 2017.

Around 1,650 exhibitors from 68 countries were presenta at ISM 2017.

See more about ISM 2017 here

FoodIngredientsFirst’s review on ISM 2017: Vegan, Premiumisation and Interactive Trends at ISM 2017

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