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Food Science vs the Food Babe — who controls the story?

Anderson Partners is an American marketing communications firm specialising in the global food ingredient industry. It recently published a series of articles on “Food Science vs the Food Babe—Who Controls the Story?”, a guide to push back against the uninformed and unscientific opinions of misguided food activists.

Who controls the story? Part 1

The food industry has struggled recently with how to use established food-science knowledge to combat the opinion-based advocacy from media celebrities and food activists such as the Food Babe and Dr Oz. This infographic compares the actual food science to the media-driven opinions around food ingredients like Boneless Lean Beef and Azodicarbonamide.

Click here to view the infographic

Who controls the story? Part 2

This infographic features more examples of opinion-based advocates who ignore established food science as they seek to demonise food ingredients and food companies. Examples here include Dra Oz and his misguided attacks on GMOs along with another example of the Food Babe missing the point—this time on beer ingredients.

Click here to view the infographic

Top five tips for fighting the Food Babe and opinion-driven activists

What are the best ways for food marketers to respond to these kinds of opinion-driven attacks. This infographic featuring the top five communication tips to use when you have a strong and important food-science story to tell.


Anderson Partners:

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