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Three new offerings from Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest has added three new items to its broad inventory, namely Fine Dine Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, Oven Crisp Fillets – Southern Style, and Fish Nuggets.

Yellowfin Tuna Steaks (pictured above)
Sea Harvest’s new ‘Fine Dine’ Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are, says the company, “the ultimate choice for fine dining at home, with the great taste, convenience and quality you expect from Sea Harvest.” 

They are the latest addition to Sea Harvest’s exclusive Fine Dine range that includes: Lightly Smoked Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Trout with Soy Chilli Sauce & Rainbow Trout with Lemon Butter Sauce.

The product is Heart Mark approved, while the tuna is freshly frozen and skinless.

Sea-Harvest Oven CrispOven Crisp Fillets – Southern Style
Now in Southern Style flavour, this is the latest variant to Sea Harvest’s popular crumbed Oven Crisp range.

Other products the range include: Lightly Seasoned, Lightly Lemon, Haddock and Garlic & Parsley.

Fish Nuggets
Sea-Harvest-NuggetsSea Harvest’s new fish bites are coated in tempura batter – and positioned as an ideal option for hungry kids, or to add to party platters. Each pack contains 30 bite size portions.

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