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Imported snoek

SA retailers opt for imported snoek and yellowtail

Yellowtail caught in Indian waters, and farmed in Korea and Japan, and snoek from New Zealand and Namibia are on offer in local stores, major retailers have confirmed.

Food Lovers Market and Pick n Pay have acknowledged buying imports of these two linefish species, citing consistency of supply and cheaper prices as major reasons.

Both say they are committed to working with conservation group WWF to ensure that labelling will reflect full information, allowing customers to make informed choices.

Neither gave any indication of what volumes of imported fish they were taking.

The two retailers were responding to a Cape Argus request for comment after fishermen complained that imports were causing the local linefish industry to “bleed”.

Nigel Meintjes, legal director of Fruit & Veg City Holdings (Food Lovers Market), confirmed that his firm had bought yellowtail caught in India and snoek from New Zealand…. Read the full article

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