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Woolworths TV campaign shows food realities from a new perspective

To bring some of its Good Business Journey stories to life in a new two-part summer Foods TV ad campaign, Woolworths is taking it a step further by giving consumers the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes realities of where its food comes from.

Moving away from typical commercial production, Woolworths has instead made innovative use of GoPro action cameras by giving them to the farmers, farm workers, fishermen and baristas who grow, produce, catch, roast and make our food.

The camera technology, which is typically used to record action sports from the participant’s perspective, captures the unadulterated action on Fairtrade coffee farmers farming on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, on Woolworths Farming for the Future vegetable farms, Ayrshire dairy farms and farms that produce free range eggs here in South Africa, as well as on Marine Stewardship Council-approved fishing boats on the high seas and sustainable fish farming projects in Franschhoek and Lesotho.

The campaign launched on 26 August with a commercial that gives consumers a unique insight into the journey of Woolworths responsibly-produced food from farm to plate.

The second advertisement, launching during October, shows the lengths that Woolworths goes to form partnerships with suppliers who share its commitment to offering customers good quality food that is responsibly produced. Both ads will be flighted for two weeks.

The TV campaign is supported on its website, at, with a snapshot of ‘The Making of…’ providing insights into the GoPro production, settings and people who filmed the commercials, as well as a collection of mini-documentaries featuring some of the ‘local heroes’ who are part of the Woolworths Good Business Journey.



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