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UK: Traditional sauces feeling the squeeze

Brown sauce and tomato ketchup are failing to cut the mustard with British consumers, according to retail trade magazine, the Grocer. Is this because consumers have lost their taste for them, or because prices have gone up?

Heinz Tomato Ketchup has suffered a 7% decline in volume sales over the past year, despite hefty investment. Value sales climbed 3.3% [IRI 52 w/e 17 August].

Branston’s sauce range suffered an even steeper decline, with sales falling 3.9% on volumes down 9%. Heinz-owned HP saw sales slump 6.8% on volumes down 5.8%.

Further analysis suggests shoppers could have been put off Heinz Ketchup by an average price rise of 11.1%. In contrast, average prices grew by 3.9% for the sauces & condiments market.

According to the Grocer, the fall in ketchup sales has been accompanied by a rise in sales of chilli sauce, mayonnaise, dressings and “other ethnic sauces”.

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