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Rhodes canned fruit

Rhodes keeps up the canned fruit innovation

Rhodes has launched two new fruit variants to its inventory, Rhodes Very Cherry and Rhodes Two Fruits. [Click to enlarge]

Rhodes Very Cherry, comprising canned fruit cocktail mix in a cherry-flavoured light syrup, is internationally well-known but a first in South Africa.

It is made from choice-grade diced peaches and pears, with a generous scoop of tasty red cherries. The natural cherry-flavoured syrup contains less sugar and is preservative free.

Rhodes Two Fruits is a canned fruit treat that is both economical and delicious. Made from choice grade diced peaches and pears in a syrup, Rhodes Two Fruits in a can is a convenient way to enjoy seasonal fruit, preservative free, all year round.

Both 400g cans come with Easy-Open lids for added convenience.

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