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Walker's new crisps

UK: Walkers’ new potato crisps range uses real meat

In a novel experiment with food provenance, leading UK manufacturer, Walkers, is to make crisps using real meat and cheese. Not everyone is pleased… [Click pic to enlarge]

According to UK press reports, for some months, Britain’s biggest crisp player has been quietly remaking some of its best-selling lines with authentic British ingredients and trialling the packs in stores.

The biggest changes, however, involve the two meat lines, smoky bacon and roast chicken, which previously contained no meat.

Walkers is planning to make smoky bacon with extracts of British pork certified ethical by the RSPCA and roast chicken with actual free-range chicken.

The move to home-grown British ingredients in ten flavours – to be promoted by Gary Lineker in a social media campaign next month – has caused some controversy among vegetarians.

Some of them have got a taste for the meat flavours, which were previously given a tick for vegetarianism and labelled “Suitable for vegetarians” and some have urged Walkers to rethink.

What will please the veggie crowd is that cheese and onion will use cheese powder from Somerset, replacing monosodium glutamate, while salt and vinegar packets are to have Cheshire salt, and sour cream and chive crisps will have sour cream from Dorset.

It appears to be part of an effort by large food manufacturers to reassure customers about the provenance of the food they are eating – a growing mainstream industry trend.

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