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Wedgewood takes nougat from confectionery to energy food

Wedgewood Nougat, crafted in the verdant hills of the KZN Midlands, is a taste treat beloved of many fans here and abroad. Now, in a brilliant twist of marketing, the company has reinvented its confectionery as an energy food for athletes. Introducing Wedgewood Race Food. [Click to enlarge pic]

“Actually we can’t take the credit for the birth of Race Food,” laughs Wedgewood’s marketing director, Paul Walters. “It sort of just happened naturally. Some top athletes who were looking for a good wholesome energy food had discovered that our nougat was a perfect blend of simple and complex carbs with a healthy dose of protein and tasted great. It was these athletes that asked us to make it more user friendly…. easier to chew, not so sweet, perfect size and better packaging.”

With this prompting, the Wedgewood team listened, and decided to leverage this market and develop a product and branding to suit.

Indeed, Race Food ticks all the boxes regarding size, quick and sustained energy release, texture, delicious flavour and a great pair of legs on the packaging.

Race Food“Each 22g bar of Race Food contains a total energy value of 352kj made up of simple and complex carbs making it ideal for endurance athletes looking for a great tasting source of good energy from real food that won’t spike on them or give them a caffeine rush,” comments Paul. 

“Race Food can be used as an energy snack before or after more explosive sports like rugby, soccer, athletics etc but the real value is definitely appreciated by the endurance athletes who appreciate the right mix of simple and complex carbs that help them to maintain a sustained energy level during events and quickly help heal broken muscle afterwards.”

Race Food also has 5.3% protein and 11.6% fats from almonds and egg white, zero cholesterol, no, no artificial colours, and is dairy and gluten free.

Race Food was launched in September, and now Wedgewood’s sales distributors are busy ensuring it can be found throughout the country.

Race Food is sold in a value pack of 5 x 22g bars, with 27 of these packs fitting into one attractive display. It retails at about R22 – R25 per pack.

Wedgewood also has undertaken to donate 50c from every pack sold to the Wildlands Conservation Trust. The idea is to support projects that are close to the hearts of the sporty outdoor folk. Customers can even go online and choose which project they want their hard earned cash to support.

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