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Radical Waters announces new patents for the starch and grain industries

Radical Waters reports that its controlling shareholder, Giant Trading, has had two patents issued supported by Radical Waters’ cutting edge, ECA (electrochemically-activated water) technology of interest to the starch and grain industries.

“Increasing Radical Waters’ already-extensive patent portfolio, these new patents offer huge benefits to the starch and grain industry. One patent is for the method and composition for starch extraction and modification and the other for the method for treating raw and processed grains and starches,” says Radical Waters chairman, Dion Friedland.

Philip Nel, technical manager of Radical Waters explains, “Conventional methods of starch extraction involve the inclusion of sulphur dioxide (SO2) to control microorganisms. However SO2 is a poisonous gas, which can cause taints and colour changes to the final product and must be neutralised further in the process with peroxide. This is expensive and it inhibi’s SO2’santi-microbial activity.

“Radical Waters’ Anolyte essentially acts as a replacement to SO2 and requires no neutralisation. As a consequence, it increases good grade starch yields.”

Similarly, he adds, the grain patent will open further doors for Radical Waters globally.

“In the grain application, ECA is used at the conditioning stage, where a minimal amount of water is added to the dry product. The inclusion of ECA has an antimicrobial and a residual effect on the product in the plant further along in the process, which has had proven benefits to the final milled product. When the final product ie flour is used for baked goods, laboratory results have proven an increased size in loaf volumes as well as extended shelf life.” comments Nel.

Radical Waters has numerous ECA device installations in 23 countries including the US, China, Germany, France and many countries in Africa.

Carla Fiford, MD of Radical Waters says, “Our products are used in a wide range of markets that were formerly dependent on chemicals for controlling contamination and bacterial infection, so these new patents are a good extension of what we have spent over 15 years developing and commercialising. It is all about natural hygiene solutions.

“Our vision is to become the preferred replacement for chemical disinfection by making Radical Waters ECA technology and service available worldwide,” add Fiford, “These patents help lead the way.”

Specific details of the patents can be found at here and here.

Photo caption: White high-protein bread baked with flour derived from anolyte-conditioned grain (left) versus exposure to untreated conditioning water.

Radical Waters:

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