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Chiquita C Optima

Innova’s most innovative products of 2011

Innova Market Insights tracks and reports on hundreds of innovative products from around the world every, providing just a snapshot of the vast body of new product data it covers. Here’s is a run-down of the first ten of twenty of what it rates as “the most innovative and on-trend products” that it featured in its database and monthly magazine in 2011, listed in the order in which they appeared. One of them is from South Africa. The rest will follow.

1. Chiquita C Optima (Belgium)

Danone’s fruit juice partnership with Chiquita (Danone Chiquita Fruits SAS) led to the launch of Chiquita C Optima, a fruit drink that contains 200mg of natural vitamin C per 125ml bottle, thanks to its content of three acerolas. This is an equivalent amount of vitamin C that can for example be found in six oranges. Chiquita C Optima contains 100% whole fruit, including the juice, pulp and peel.

The company notes that whole fruits provide the body with more vitamin C and contain a whole host of supplementary components which deliver antioxidants (i.e. flavonoids and carotenoids) and nutritional properties (i.e. minerals and fibers), which cannot be obtained from synthetic vitamin C sources. There are 4 variants of Chiquita Optima C available: Strawberry-Banana, Orange Mild, Tropical Orange and Red Berries.

Buddy Fruit Bites2. Buddy Fruit Fruit Bites (US)

French fruit supplier Andros is offering the technology for a confectionery-shaped fruit snack. It forms the basis of the innovative Buddy Fruit fruit bites product, which is on sale at Wal-Mart. The healthy snack is made with “100% fruit nothing else!” and is presented as a low calorie snack. It is free from added sugar, preservatives and artificial additives. Available flavors inlcude Apple, Orange, Raspberry and Pomegranate/Acai.

3. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (US)

MioMiO Liquid Water Enhancer is a zero-calorie, concentrated line of liquid flavourings and is Kraft’s first rollout in the new food or beverage category in more than 15 years. MiO is presented as a personalised zero-calorie concentrated line of liquid flavourings – from Berry Pomegranate and Mango Peach to Strawberry Watermelon – offered in sleek bottles that look like palm-sized water droplets.

The product is targeted at men and women aged 18 to 39, who prefer to customize their experiences, including what they drink and features the tagline “MiO – Make it Yours.”

The original MiO is a calorie-free, flavored liquid that is added to water, to generate $100 million in revenue its first year on the market. Kraft will later launch an energy version of their MiO.

4. Eskimo Monkey (Thailand)

Eskimo MonkeyWhat is claimed to be the worlds’ first peelable ice cream in the form of an innovative, fun and unusual ice cream stick, was rolled out across the globe by Nestlé in 2011, after its successful launch in Thailand as Eskimo Monkey.

Eaten like a banana, “you start the playful experience by taking a bite from the top of the peelable jelly shell, which you then roll down like a banana skin to reveal a delicious ice cream core.” First extended to Malaysia in January 2011 under the Matkool brand, the ice cream snack is now available in the Philippines as Krazy Banana under the Kimy brand. The product concept is on sale in Europe under the Pirulo brand.

Nestlé brings Krazy Monkey ice cream to SA
Nestlé’s first peelable ice cream roll-out worldwide

5. RiPS ICE (UK)

RiPSPackaged in attractive and practical 118ml pouches, RiPS ICE from Cool Tropics UK is promoted as a refreshing slush that comes in four flavor combinations that can be stocked by retailers at ambient temperature, or from a standard freezer unit for immediate consumption.

Made from 100% fruit juice and containing; no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar, RiPS ICE is claimed to combine the popularity of slush with these and additional healthy credentials such as being gluten free, counting towards the recommended “5 a day” fruit intake and being suitable for vegetarians.

6. Stream (South Africa)

Stream BeveragesStreamdrinks offers the Stream range of sugar free, preservative free mineral water based functional beverages.

The range includes: McStreamy, a cranberry and pomegranate flavored anti aging, weight loss and antioxidant drink containing resveratrol, (a red wine grape extract) coenzyme Q10, l-carnitine and vitamins A, C & E. The drink also contains a specialized antioxidant mix with extracts from green tea, rooibos tea, grapeseed and baobab, and is targeted at women. LoveStream is also part of the range; a blackcurrant and buchu flavored drink containing zinc, red Korean and Siberian ginseng and vitamin B. This drink is claimed to heighten the senses and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

The Streamdrinks range of beverages is unique in that the powder and vitamin mixes are contained in the cap and are activated by the user at time of consumption.

The Stream Dream: introducing SA’s new functional beverage

Turbo Tango7. Turbo Tango (UK)

Britvic gave its popular UK Tango brand a new twist with the launch of Turbo Tango, a soft drinks innovation targeted at teens. Turbo Tango features “nitrofuelled” aerosol technology, to deliver a foamy blast of orange and a totally new drinking experience.

Britvic led a team of more than 40 international development partners to create what it claims is the world’s first soft drink dispensed through an aerosol container and has licensed rights to the patented technology that creates the foamy sensation. This technology has the potential to create a whole new future segment in the soft drinks market.

UK: Britvic takes the aerosol into soft drinks

8. Tillman’s Burger (UK, Germany)

Tillman's BurgerTillman’s Convenience offers the Tillman’s Burger for your Toaster. The fresh, precooked best beef patties are easy to prepare: “simply place them in any toaster and heat for one complete toasting interval. The result is ‘a juicy, delicious burger whose taste and quality as well as innovative, quick and easy means of preparation are sure to win over consumers’.”

Everything needed to prepare two burgers is already in the bag: two individually wrapped beef patties, two pre-cut hamburger buns, two sachets of the special Tillman’s burger sauce and two paper serving pockets. The burger snack can be prepared very quickly – in only two to three minutes!

Ferreting out innovation at Anuga 2011

Sunmagic9. Sunmagic Orange Juice (UK)

Aisapack (Switzerland) has launched a single serve beverage format that the company believes will revolutionise the packaging of hot fill drinks such as juices and sports drinks. The pack’s unique format – comprising rigid top and base sections with a flexible multilayer laminated film for the main body – offers valuable sustainability benefits over traditional PET and glass bottles, as well as enhanced branding opportunities.

The first commercial adoption of the new packaging comes from Sunmagic, who promote their product on a sustainability platform and note that “as well as having a soft touch feeling, the bottles have a 36% carbon footprint reduction compared to aseptic PET bottles.”

The company claims in its promotion, “using Aisacan bottles could save 232 tons of carbon dioxide for every million liters of drink packaged.”

10. Danone Activia (Germany)

Danone ActiviaDanone has switched to Ingeo – a plastic from plants, not oil – for its Activia yogurt in Germany. The new yogurt pack is the result of a close cooperation between Danone, WWF-Germany and Ingeo producer NatureWorks.

The switch is claimed to improve the product’s packaging carbon footprint by 25 percent and use 43 percent less fossil resources compared to the previous packaging, according to a life cycle assessment (LCA) study conducted by the Heidelberg-based LCA Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU).

Danone is the first company to switch to environmentally-friendly packaging for a leading yogurt product in Europe. US dairy company, Stonyfield, already adopted the pacakging concept in the US last year.

Innova’s next ten to follow shortly….!

FOODStuff SA is grateful to Innova for this exclusive arrangement in South Africa to share select content from its subscriber-only newsletter/magazine with our readers!

Innova Market Insights:

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