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Fair Cape EcoFresh

Fair Cape launches really green milk

Fair Cape Dairies has gone a green step further with its fresh milk, replacing its Free Range trademark with a new marque, Fair Cape ECO-FRESH, a milk range produced in an ecologically-friendly manner and with “a significantly lower carbon footprint”.

The transition, it says, reflects the shift in the company’s focus from cow comfort only to caring for the environment as well, making it easier for customers to understand the four pillars upon which Fair Cape ECO-FRESH milk is based, namely:

• Decrease the pollution of natural river systems during milk production [one would have hoped that was the case all along! Ed]

• Employ eco-friendly farming practices and minimise the use of chemical fertilisers

• Take care of animal welfare and cow comfort

• Decrease Fair Cape’s carbon footprint

“With the launch of Fair Cape Eco-Fresh, Fair Cape has become the first ever South African dairy to publish its carbon footprint on its milk bottles. This is a clear indication of the commitment and transparency of our business practices,” says Louis Loubser, marketing director of the Fair Cape Group.

Aside from adhering to an environmentally-friendly production process, Fair Cape launched the first-ever Cow Comfort Index in South Africa in March 2011. The index allows for the overall well-being of the cows to be carefully monitored and is based on 10 measurements of comfort. The index is published monthly on Fair Cape’s Facebook page.

“We are very excited about this new launch as it is the first time anyone in the South African market has taken a serious look at how one can produce great quality milk while looking after the environment and the animals at the same time. It truly is the next evolution in what we call sustainable dairies,” adds Loubser.

‘As the leaders of eco-friendly dairy farming in South Africa, Fair Cape fully embraces the concept of supporting the environment. As a company, we have taken an integrated approach to carbon management and is striving for a greener and more environmentally-friendly approach to milk production.”

The label design for the new Fair Cape ECO-FRESH milk range was done by Contrast.

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