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The Lightie: A small light with big ambitions

The LightieSouth African designer and social entrepreneur, Michael Suttner has already won several high-profile accolates for his invention, the Lightie: a portable solar-powered light that fits into a standard soda bottle. The low cost and durable device is designed to provide sustainable, safe, and affordable lighting to people in developing nations – and anyone else with a low income.

Is your morning coffee too bitter? This might help

Bitter coffeeMany of us have at some point been given a cup of coffee that is so bitter, it is almost undrinkable. Most reach for the sugar in an attempt to make the beverage a little more palatable. Wrong!

3D-printed pizza – a quick and easy meal for astronauts?

3-D-printed-pizzaSnacking on a freshly-made pizza in outer space just got a whole lot closer thanks to Anjan Contractor's 3D pizza printer. Contractor, who won NASA's US$125,000 grant last year to create a 3D printer that could print food for astronauts on missions, has come out with a functional prototype.

How to open canned food without a tin opener

Opening canWe have all had that moment where we have lost the tin opener. No matter which drawer you open, it does not seem to be there. This surprisingly simple technique shows how you can open a can of food without an opener.

Watermelon explosion in super slow motion

Exploding melonUsing a high speed camera that films at 25,000 frames per second, Britons Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, known as The Slow Mo Guys, have produced slow motion footage of a watermelon blowing up. The effect is mesmerising.

Here's how close we are to real 3-D-printed food

3-D FoodUS company, 3D Systems has unveiled its new line of ChefJet 3D sugar printers - just as the name implies, the ChefJet will allow any professional kitchen to incorporate "stunning edible prints" with minimal effort - that is, for foodies willing to fork out some serious dough.

Moon turnips? NASA takes gardening to new heights

The MoonNASA has announced that it plans a complex experiment to grow cress, turnips and basil on the moon - inside a seriously high-tech terrarium.

Eleven foods that are changing the world

Grasshopper tacoThe headline may be rather dramatic, but this is an interesting take by Time magazine on some interesting food developments. Menu highlights: insect tacos, rice that stops blindness, noodles that can be "printed" in space, and hybrid confectioneries.

Useful science: cooking tips on ice and sugar

Ice cubesHave you ever wondered why some ice cubes are as clear as glass, or why bakers use sugar, even in savoury breads? Celebrity American chef, Alton Brown, answers these questions in this American Chemical Society’s (ACS’) Bytesize Science episode.

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