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 Weekly Newsletter: 4 March 2011

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This week's news!
Afriplex/CSIR: uncovering innovative health solutions from indigenous plants.

SA plants more GM crops.
SABMiller to build new brewery in Nigeria.

US: Ronald McDonald sidelined as McDees ups its game.

McDonald’s: Maybe evil, definitely brilliant.

Tate & Lyle highlights four key food-bev trends for 2011.

Almond milk – New kid on the dairy-free block.
The new US craze for tea.

Nestlé’s first peelable ice cream to roll-out worldwide.

Coca-Cola gets another billion dollar brand.
The innovation lessons in  emerging markets.

Frito-Lay presents quieter compostable SunChips bag.
M&S to open its most sustainable UK store. 
EU ministers to ban fish discards.

New insights in to bacterial communication.

Nestlé's strategy to plug engineering skills gap.

Villain coconut oil charms health food world.
UK: Breast milk ice cream gets the chop!

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Editor's Stuff - A new era in green food packaging for SA!
Dear ,

Let's put aside the depressing stuff - a new outbreak of foot and mouth disease and global food prices at their highest in history - and rather look at this exciting new development for eco-friendly food packaging in South Africa: the launch of Sappi Enviropack that will see the rollout of an extensive range of food (and other) packaging made from sugarcane bagasse.

Sappi Enviropack green packagingThis is a joint venture between Sappi, who will produce the packaging at its Stanger mill, and Enviropack, the 'green' arm of AGQPE, the packaging business run by Amotz Golan, and which is well-known for its functional and innovative food packaging solutions. I was thrilled to interview both parties when in Jo'burg recently, and they're bullish on this major step forward for enviro-friendly packaging in this country. And rightly so....

Sappi Enviropack's offerings tick all the right boxes: filling the essential packaging functions of protection, preservation and promotion, but with biodegradable options that are made from a sustainable waste resource and which have a reduced carbon footprint (local manufacture and far fewer chemicals in the processing). No greenwashing here! Click here for the full story
New-look FOODStuff SA is on line! At last, I've launched my revamped website. There are still some teething issues to resolve but it's up and running and looking good. Next is a newsletter makeover that will operate rather differently from the past ie from now on, all articles are hyperlinked directly to their home, either on, or other sites.

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 Enjoy this week's read!
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Feature articles of the week

What is causing food prices to soar: what can be done about it?

Food crisisAround the world, the food system is in crisis. Prices have rocketed; they are now higher in real terms than at any time since 1984... Companies and governments are sounding the alarm and this attention is welcome. But today’s spike is only part of a broader set of worries. As countries focus on food, they need to distinguish between three classes of problem: structural, temporary and irrelevant. Unfortunately, policymakers have so far paid too much attention to the last of these and not enough to the first.

Breathing more profit into chocolate bars

aerated chocThe recipe for chocolate bars is fairly standard: cocoa, cocoa butter or other oils, sweeteners, and perhaps some nuts or a fruity filling. Now, with prices for cocoa, sugar, and other commodities soaring, candy makers are finding a simple ingredient—air—can help pump up profits.

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" target="_blank">Brenda Neall.

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Latest South African News

Kellogg’s maintenance hits breakfast tables

All-Bran"Getting it all this morning" might be delayed for some weeks as maintenance work at Kellogg's South Africa's plant has halted the production of All-Bran Flakes — and it is unlikely to resume soon, according to press reports.


Fire at Nestlé's Potchefstroom factory stops production

FireA clean-up process has commenced at Nestlé South Africa's Cremora creamer manufacturing factory in Potchefstroom, North West province, where a fire broke out in the afternoon of Friday July 11. The blaze started in the electrical control room.


Feed kids on organs, not pap, says Prof Tim Noakes

Noakes-in-headlinesThere's no keeping him out of the headlines! Prof Tim Noakes makes a large front-page splash in today's Cape Times with this report, advising in a talk he gave yesterday that instead of carbohydrates such as pap and bread, children should be fed animal organs, which carry more nutrition.


Food for Africa at IFEA 2014

IFEA-2014-logoIFEA 2014 – Africa's international food and drink exhibition – is said to be attracting exhibitors from all over the world as they prepare to expose their brands to decision-makers from the burgeoning pan-African market who are looking for the latest and the best international and local products in the food and drink sector.


The Banting diet phenomenon in SA

Real-Meal-RevolutionThere's a joke doing the rounds in Cape Town, where the so-called "Tim Noakes diet" has taken off: you can't find cauliflower or double cream yoghurt for love or money. The humble flower head is fast replacing starches such as rice, pasta and potatoes on the plate, leaving supermarkets struggling to meet demand. And full cream dairy is back in vogue. The Banting diet is currently huge news in South Africa, and here the Financial Mail weighs it up.... read on!


New research could debunk Banting diet? No way, says Noakes!

Diet-studyLow carbohydrate diets, as advocated by Prof Tim Noakes of UCT's Sports Science Institute, result in no more weight loss than "recommended balanced diets", a Stellenbosch University study, just released, has found. Noakes has dismissed the findings.


SA's maggot protein initiative moves to commercialisation

MaggotsWhen it comes to resolving a big global food problem, a new breed of farmers and their financial backers are thinking small. Work on the world's largest fly farm in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, has begun after the European firm behind the project won much-needed funding from investors, propelling the use of insects as livestock feed beyond academic theory and pilot plant to a commercial venture.


South African ‘fly farm’ recycles food waste nutrients

Elsje-PieterseStellenbosch University animal nutrition expert, Dr Elsje Pieterse, is the one of the brains behind AgriProtein, the start-up initiative to commercially produce protein products from fly maggots that's much in the news of late. Will her ingenuity help feed the world?


Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bars shrink, again

Cadbury-Choc-BarYou could call it the amazing disappearing chocolate bar! With premium ingredient costs on a big upward curve, Mondelez SA has quietly shrunk the size of SA's best-loved chocolate bar, again.


Zespri launches premium SunGold kiwifruit in SA

Zespri-SunGoldGlobal kiwifruit exporter, Zespri International, has launched Zespri SunGold, a golden variety kiwifruit, in major South African supermarkets just in time to boost consumers' immunity during the cold winter months. It is larger, sweeter and smoother-textured than its well-known green cousin.


Top International Stuff

It's almost impossible to hear the name Colman's without thinking mustard. Hardly surprising when considering that this iconic brand has been around for 200 years.
Growing meat in labs could cut hunger, tackle climate change and end animal slaughter, but high-profile creator, Professor Mark Post, says the biggest beef will be convincing consumers. Here's an...
Lindt & Spruengli is gobbling up Russell Stover Candies, a move that will make the Swiss confectioner the third-biggest chocolate maker in North America.

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